EMV Equipment

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Countertop Terminals

Ingenico iCT220 – All Today’s Ways to Get Paid

Process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with a FREE terminal.
Accept Apple Pay (and other contactless payments), EMV chip cards and magstrip cards. You won’t miss a sale, and you won’t have liability for fraudulent credit cards by accepting chip cards.


VeriFone VX 520 Terminal

Trusted by millions of merchants, the FREE VX 520 enables small businesses to accept all payment types, including EMV chip cards, magstripe cards and NFC payments. The slim design takes minimal counter space, features a receipt printer with a large payment roll, and has fast processing speeds due to a powerful processor and expandable memory. The VX 520 also accepts value-added payments such as gift and loyalty cards.



Wireless and Mobile Terminals

Verifone VX 680 – Get Paid Anywhere

Take Payments Anywhere You Go

You connect wirelessly without a direct phone line or direct internet connection, so you can take payments on the go or on the spot. Strict security protocols ensure your customers’ data remains private and processing speeds are several seconds faster than those found in wired systems.

This FREE wireless terminal enables you to accept all payment types including; Apple Pay (and other contactless payments), EMV chip cards and magstrip cards, as well as all major credit cards. It includes a PIN pad, keypad and receipt printer.

PayAnywhere Mobile Card Reader

Take Payments with Your Smartphone or Tablet

With our PayAnywhere card swipe device you can turn your smart phone into a secure credit card terminal. You’ll be free to make the sale no matter where you are, opening your business up to a new world of customers. This free mobile credit card reader directly connects to your device, and free payment processing software is included.

  • Get real-time authorization for swiped and keyed transactions
  • Use Signature Capture on touchscreen devices
  • Email receipts to your customers
  • Check transaction history and reports on your phone or online.


Online Processing

Our secure, web-based terminal solutions enable you to expand your business by accepting and managing customer payments when an actual payment card is not present.

Virtual Terminal: Authorize process and manage mail or phone credit card payments from any computer.
Recurring Billing: Bill customers, charge cards and process payments securely on a scheduled, automatic basis.
Hosted Pay Page: Sell your products online quickly and securely through a hosted pay page connected to your website.
e-commerce: Accept and integrate payments online from your website shopping cart.


Secure Card Services offers more than traditional credit card processing terminals. We can also open your business up to a new world of customers with our mobile processing solutions.

The Verifone VX 680 terminals are the best selling wireless payment devices in the world, and they are yours for free. With them, you can process transactions quickly, securely, and reliably from anywhere your cellphone works. They’re ideal for businesses on the go, working perfectly for Service Businesses, Selling at Trade Shows, Coffee Shops, Waiters at Movie Theaters – anywhere physical landlines can be a hassle.

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